Using a desk

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You are welcome to join us in our offices with your laptop or paperwork. We can provide you with a desk, fast ethernet connection, kitchen, lounge and terrace.


We have several desks available for Spinoza users and guests.

Basically, from the point of entry in the office space, desks are organised in three rows. Each row has 8 desks.

  • the first row is free for all users and guests to use. Internet (ethernet) and power access points are provided at each desk.
  • the second row is setup with workspaces to access the Spinoza server. You can log in with your Spinoza account. Please only use if you intend to use the server.
  • the third row is occupied by Spinoza staff members with their workstations, please do not use.

Wireless is available throughout the building, including eduroam (the secure, worldwide roaming wireless network developed for the international research and education community).

Please follow this link on how the use the printer

Meeting room

The meeting rooming is equipped with a large LCD screen, which may be connected to your device via USB. You can reserve our meeting room through the booking site.