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Spinoza User Meetings (SUM) are every Tuesday from 16:00 to 17:00 and everyone is welcome to attend. Meetings are via Zoom until Corona-measures are relieved, after which we will continue these meetings in a hybrid format.

For questions, ideas or comments, please email Minni McMaster.


Date Speaker Title Host
13-07 - 31-08-2021 Summer Break
07-09-2021 J. Brendan Ritchie (NIH) One object, two networks? Assessing the relationship between the face and body-selective regions in the primate visual system. Serge (& Ineke)
14-09-2021 Johan van der Meer (AMC) Realtime EEG Wietske
21-09-2021 Gianfranco Fortunato (SISSA) TBA Wietske
05-10-2021 Jeroen Siero (UMCU) Insert gradient Serge
12-10-2021 Chris Baldassano TBA Tomas
19-10-2021 Johanna Vannesjo (NTNU) Spinal cord fMRI and B0 corrections Wietske
26-10-2021 Betina Ip (University of Oxford) TBA Wietske/Anouk
2-11-2021 Martin Nørgaard (Stanford University) High resolution receptor maps of the human brain obtained with PET Marco
16-11-2021 Ileana Jelescu (CHUV) Alternatives to BOLD-weighted EPI for functional MRI Wietske
23-11-2021 Jorn Diedrichsen (University of Western Ontario) TBA Wietske
30-11-2021 Xin Yu (MGH) TBA Jeroen / Wietske

Meeting information

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 836 8595 2269 Password: 457022

Speaker information

  • Keep in mind that the audience is diverse, ranging from MR physicists to psychologists and medical doctors. Most people have a background in neuroscience.
  • The suggested presentation length is 30-45 minutes to allow for discussion afterwards.
  • Presentations are shown on an LCD screen (ratio 16:9) via a USB wifi dongle.
  • A laser pointer doesn't work on the screen.

Past meetings

Date Speaker Title Host
06-07-2021 Hanneke van Laarhoven (AMC) Novel biomarkers in oncology: In vivo metabolomics with MRI Serge/Wietske
22-06-2021 Marty Sereno On Brainmaps Tomas
15-06-2021 Thomas Naselaris (UMN) Detailed models of visual representation in individual human brains Tomas
08-06-2021 Gilles de Hollander Using inverted encoding models of numerosity and ultra-high field MRI to better understand decision-making under risk Tomas
01-06-2021 Chris Baker (NIMH) Making sense of the world: People, places, and things Tomas
25-05-2021 Tom Schonberg (Tel Aviv) Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams Shir
11-05-2021 (13:00) Saskia Bollmann (University of Queensland) Fast fMRI acquisition and analyses Wietske
27-04-2021 Bank Holiday No SUM
20-04-2021 Alexander Huth (UT Austin) Computational Models of Language Processing in the Human Neocortex and Cerebellum Tomas
13-04-2021 Cesar Caballero (Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language, Spain) Noise removal in functional MRI Wietske
06-04-2021 Kendrick Kay Current controversies in UHF imaging
30-03-2021 Daniel Baker (York University, UK) How many trials should I run? Taking measurement precision into account when designing high-powered experiments Serge
23-03-2021 Domenica Bueti (SISSA, Italy) How the Human Brain Tells Time Wietske
16-03-2021 Menno Schoonheim (Amsterdam UMC) The network collapse and clinical progression in MS Wietske
02-02-2021 Anouk Schrantee (AMC Radiology) Functional Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Wietske
15-12-2020 Serge Dumoulin Neuroscience quiz Serge
08-12-2020 Spinoza Digital outing - -
01-12-2020 SUM break - -
24-11-2020 Noa van der Knaap & Chris Dekker Exploring pRF and CSF dynamics in a simulation of visual impairment Carlien
17-11-2020 Quincy van Houtum (AMC) What is NICI?! Serge
10-11-2020 Simon Poortman (Erasmus MC) Risk or Resilience and the Brain: a longitudinal MRI study in adolescents at familial high risk for severe mental illness Wietske
03-11-2020 Chris Klink (NIN) The neural basis of population receptive fields from fMRI and large-scale neurophysiological recordings in non-human primates Tomas
27-10-2020 SUM break - -
20-10-2020 Ahmed El-Gazzar (AMC Psychiatry) Deep learning for neuroimaging Serge
13-10-2020 José Marques (Radboud University Nijmegen) Myelin mapping Wietske
06-10-2020 SUM break - -
29-09-2020 Yuxuan Cai (SC) Numerosity perception Serge
22-09-2020 SUM break - -
15-09-2020 Jelle van Dijk (SC) Laminar numerosity Serge
08-09-2020 Gianfranco Fortunato (SC & SISSA, IT) Space and time in the visual cortex Wietske
01-09-2020 Luisa Raimondo, Icaro Oliveira, Tijl van der Velden, Thomas Roos (SC) Spinoza posters @ International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) conference Wietske
28-07 - 25-08-2020 SUMmer break - -
21-07-2020 Antoine Barbot (SC) Retinotopic mapping in patients with ophthalmologic and neurologic disorders Serge
14-07-2020 Nikos Priovoulos (SC) Locus Coeruleus Wietske
07-07-2020 Minni McMaster (SC) Quiz: MR safety & more Minni
30-06-2020 Pilou Bazin, Shir Hofstetter, Wietske van der Zwaag (SC) Spinoza @ Human Brain Mapping (HBM) conference Wietske
23-06-2020 Carlien Roelofzen, Maartje de Jong, Tomas Knapen (SC) Spinoza @ Vision Sciences Society (VSS) conference Serge