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Immediate assistance


In case of acute danger (fire, accident or attack), please alert AMC security immediately via

  • 88 (Spinoza land line) or
  • 020 56 62900 (from cell phone). Remember that prior to dialing an external number from a Spinoza centre land line, please dial 0 (zero) and wait for the tone.

For all other emergencies, please contact Spinoza staff.

  • 06-13761165 (ERO / technical support)
  • 61938 / 61679 (from Spinoza land line)
  • 020 56 61679 / 020 56 61938 (from cell phone)

After hours, please contact the scan assistant or ERO user. The scan assistant or ERO user will contact AMC campus security if needed.

  • 88 (AMC incident room; only from Spinoza land line)
  • 020 56 63200 (from cell phone)

For technical building issues call 88 (Spinoza land line) or 020 56 62900 (from cell phone)

MRI assistance

During office hours (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00) a member of the Spinoza staff is available.

  • If you require immediate technical or scanning assistance, dial 06-13761165.

Contact and support

General inquiries

For general inquiries about Spinoza, please send an email to [email protected].

For general support questions, please email [email protected].

General contacts Phone Email Contact for
Information (020 56) 61679 [email protected] General information
Support (020 56) 61679 [email protected] MRI procedures, data-acquisition, logistics, training, troubleshooting, scan-assistance, etc.

Please use these general emails, as individual staff members are not always available. We will make sure that:

  1. your email reaches the right person, and
  2. your email gets answered in a timely fashion.

We have also reserved a weekly timeslot where all staff members are available for consultation, for more complicated questions or issues that need to be discussed in person.

  • This time-slot is every Tuesday from 10:30-11:00.
  • Please reserve this time-slot by sending an email to [email protected].

Staff contact

Staff members, from left to right: Diederick, Wietske, Serge, Mayca, and Tomas.

If you have questions about or want to discuss certain topics, please get in touch with the Spinoza staff. The (non-exhaustive) overview below can direct you to the right person. However, we strongly advise you to contact us using the general emails above as individual staff members are not always available.

Staff member Phone Email (add Office days Contact for
Mayca Thijssen (020 56) 61679 m.thijssen Mon-Fri General inquiries
Diederick Stoffers (020 56) 61679 d.stoffers Mon-Thu General inquiries, ICT, Spinoza cluster, peripheral equipment
Wietske van der Zwaag (020 56) 61679 w.vanderzwaag Mon+Tue+Fri MR physics, data-acquisition, 7 Tesla functional and structural MRI
Tomas Knapen (020 56) 67334 t.knapen Tue-Fri Data-export and analyses, fMRI, visual experiments, eye-tracking, EEG
Serge Dumoulin (020 56) 61932 s.dumoulin Mon-Fri General Spinoza policies, fMRI, neuroscience, computational modelling and analysis
Anouk Schrantee (020 56) 67156 [email protected] Tue-Thu MR Spectroscopy

Please note that mobile phones have variable reception in our building. Thus mobile phones are not a reliable way of contact for staff members.

Other contact information

Phone numbers of MRI facilities

Name Number
3T MRI control room (020 56) 61664
7T MRI control room (020 56) 61673
Mock MRI control room (020 56) 62414


  • The intercom at the front door has one button and will sound first at both the 3T and 7T.
  • If not answered within 30 seconds the call is forwarded to the station at the office floor.
  • To answer the intercom press the ↵ ("enter") button, after which you can talk with the person at the door.
  • To open the door press 1.
  • To end the call press X.
  • Please note, you are responsible for the visitor at the door until you've contacted the person this visitor has an appointment with.

The intercom stations can also communicate with each other by dialling the following numbers:

3T 4000
7T 4001
Office floor 4002
Front door 4003