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Spinoza User Meeting

Spinoza User Meeting

15 June 2017

Tessa van Doesum: The Role of the Cerebellum in SensoriMotor Synchronisation, a 7T fMRI Study

SensoriMotor Synchronisation (SMS) integrates sensory stimuli and the timing of movement and is therefore critical for the ability to react to stimuli from the world around us. Most often a finger tapping task with external auditory stimuli is used to represent SMS.
With the use of  fingertapping tasks we compared the spatial location of the activity patterns of SMS and non-synchronised movement. The results showed a more posterior location for SMS than the non-synchronised movement. Overall, the study provides further evidence for the role of the cerebellum in SMS.

Date: Tuesday 20 June
Time: 16.00 h
Place: Spinoza Centre, Meibergdreef 75

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