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Lecture - Wynn Legon

Lecture - Wynn Legon

18 May 2017

Tuesday May 24, Wynn Legon (University of Minnesota) will give a talk. Wynn is visiting the NIN and Spinoza as part of the KNAW visiting professors program. 

Single element focused ultrasound for neuromodulation in humans

Transcranial focused ultrasound (tFUS) is a new and promising non-surgical low-energy technique for inducing transient plasticity in the brain with high spatial resolution and adjustable focus.  tFUS has been used safely and effectively for cortical neuromodulation in mouse, rabbit, pig and monkey and our research has shown tFUS to also be a safe and effective method of transient cortical neuromodulation in humans.

This talk will discuss the use of tFUS in humans for cortical and subcortical stimulation, the use of tFUS with functional MRI as well as challenges and limitations of this technology for human neuromodulation.

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