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Spinoza User Meetings (SUM) consist of a combination of lectures from outstanding national and international scientists in the fields of cognition, neuroscience and neuroimaging, updates on ongoing projects at Spinoza, and instructions on common procedures at Spinoza.

SUMs are Tuesdays from 16:00 to 17:00 (Netherlands time) and everyone is welcome to attend. Meetings are in hybrid format, i.e. both in person and via Zoom.


Date (Host) Title and speaker
August Summer break

06-09-2022 Lunch meeting (12:00) (Wietske) (Ultra-)high field imaging of Multiple Sclerosis
Myrte Strik
University of Melbourne

13-09-2022 (Wietske) Artificial Intelligence in Functional MRI
ISMRM Brain Function Study Group

20-09-2022 (Wietske) Mapping the little brain with big magnets: clinical relevance and future directions
Sheeba Anteraper
Carle Foundation Hospital

27-09-2022 (Serge) Objects in context
Surya Gayet
Utrecht University

04-10-2022 (Serge & Jurjen) Where is the Pain in the Brain: Functional MRI Based Classification of Pain Specific Neurosignatures at 7.0 T
Henning Reimann
Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine

11-10-2022 (Wietske & Luisa) UK Biobank
Karla Miller
University of Oxford

25-10-2022 (Wietske & Bobby) The driving forces of Glymphatics
Lydiane Hirschler
Leiden University Medical Centre

01-11-2022 (Serge) Separable pupillary signatures of perception and action during perceptual multistability
Jan Brascamp
Michigan State University, USA

08-11-2022 (Serge) Spinoza presentations @ SfN
Spinoza members with accepted abstracts
Spinoza Centre, Netherlands

15-11-2022 No meeting (SfN)

22-11-2022 (Wietske & Esther) The central brain clock and metabolic health
Dirk Jan Stenvers
Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands

06-12-2022 (Wietske) Population Neuroimaging of Brain Development
Ryan Muetzel
Erasmus MC, Netherlands

13-12-2022 Lunch meeting (12:00) (Wietske) Title TBD
Gustav Strijkers
Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands

20/12 - 03/01 Holiday break

17-1-2023 (Marco) Title TBD
Matteo Carandini
UCL, London, UK

24-1-2023 (Nikos) Title TBD
Jorge Mejias
Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, Netherlands

31-1-2023 (Wietske & Luisa) UK Biobank
Karla Miller
University of Oxford, UK

21-02-2023 (Serge) Multisensory processes across the lifespan: from core phenomena to clinical applications
Micah Murray
CHUV Lausanne, Switzerland

07-03-2023 (W&L with NIN student reps) Research culture

09-05-2023 (Wietske & Bobby) 31P TBD
Lijing Xin
EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

Meeting information

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Meeting ID: 836 8595 2269 Password: 457022

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