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| 22-02-2022 (Wietske)
| 22-02-2022 (Wietske)
| Henri Krop <br>''Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands''
| '''Spinoza. A paradoxical icon of the Netherlands''' <br> Henri Krop <br>''Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands''

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Spinoza User Meetings (SUM) consist of a combination of lectures from outstanding national and international scientists in the fields of cognition, neuroscience and neuroimaging, updates on ongoing projects at Spinoza, and instructions on common procedures at Spinoza.

SUMs are Tuesdays from 16:00 to 17:00 (Netherlands time) and everyone is welcome to attend. Meetings are in hybrid format, i.e. both in person and via Zoom.


Date (Host) Title and speaker
30-11-2021 (Jeroen / Wietske) Cross-scale rodent brain mapping with single-vessel, laminar, and multi-modal fMRI with fiber photometry
Xin Yu
Massachusets General Hospital, USA

07-12-2021 No meeting

14-12-2021 (Tomas) Cerebellar Contributions to Human Visual Attention & Working Memory
David Somers
Boston University, USA

21-12-2021 (Tomas) Flywheel Tutorial: Getting your data of the scanners through the FlyWheel platform

Holiday break

18-01-2022 (Serge / Wietske) 1024-channel recording and stimulation in NHPs for vision restoration & visual neuroscience
Xing Chen
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Netherlands

25-01-2022 (tentative) (Wietske) Exploring the role of the human cerebellum across functional domains
Jorn Diedrichsen
University of Western Ontario, Canada

01-02-2022 (Serge) Vascular and neuronal contributions to laminar BOLD: experimental and modeling insights
Natalia Petridou
University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands

08-02-2022 TBD

15-02-2022 (Serge) Modelling gain-fields in active vision at 7T
Alessio Fracasso
University of Glasgow, UK

22-02-2022 (Wietske) Spinoza. A paradoxical icon of the Netherlands
Henri Krop
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

03-05-2022 (Serge) Spinoza presentations @ ISMRM and VSS
Spinoza members with accepted abstracts
Spinoza Centre, Netherlands

10-05-2022 No meeting (ISMRM)

17-05-2022 No meeting (VSS)

14-06-2022 (Serge) Spinoza presentations @ HBM
Spinoza members with accepted abstracts
Spinoza Centre, Netherlands

21-06-2022 No meeting (HBM)

Meeting information

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 836 8595 2269 Password: 457022

For questions, ideas or comments, please email Minni McMaster.