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Gilles de Hollander

  • Position
  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Institute
  • Vrije Universiteit

Research statement

Bistable perception is the phenomenon in which a single stimulus can be interpreted in multiple ways, so-called "percepts". Intriguingly, we can only consciously see one interpretation at a time and, outside of our control, we randomly flip back and forth between the possible percepts. This process of bistable perception might tell us something fundamental about how we consciously perceive the world around us. In my research, I use ultra-high field MRI to better understand why we see only one percept at a time, what induces the 'switches' between possible percepts, and where we can find a neural substrate of our current perception. Specifically, I use cortical depth-resolved functional MRI to dissociate "bottom-up" signals in the middle layers of V1, versus "top down" signals in the deep and superficial layers.