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Dr. Suzanne Oosterwijk

  • Position
  • Assistant professor of Social Neuroscience
  • Field of interest
  • The interplay between the mind and the body
  • Institute
  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam

I am specifically interested in how concepts and bodily states interact to produce the experience of emotion in the individual, but I am also interested in how this interaction relates to the understanding of emotion in other people.

In one line of work, I investigate how the brain constructs emotions and other mental states. In several research projects I examine how neural systems that support conceptualization and the representation and generation of bodily states, engage during a great variety of subjective experiences, including discrete emotions (e.g., fear, disgust, morbid fascination), thoughts and perceptions. Furthermore, I am examining how emotional associations arise and how they are represented in the brain.