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Dr. Debra Strick Rivera

  • Position
  • Senior MRI Hardware Engineer and Clinical Applications Scientist
  • Institute
  • Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging

Research statement

The aim of my research is to address unmet challenges in neurological, oncological, and women’s health diseases using MRI with a patient-centric approach. Through the combination of RF coils for dedicated applications and high field, we have obtained phosphorus spectroscopy from a healthy lymphnode with less than 0.1 mL of signal-contributing tissue (Rivera,
MRM 2015).

Toward a treatment-tracking virtual biopsy method, we are working at AMC and Spinoza to collect 31P spectra of the human liver, and collect radiological-quality images using parallel transmit antenna arrays. Partnering with Philips, Tesla, and MR Coils, I have developed a triple-resonant surface coil for metabolomics (phosphorus, sodium, and carbon nuclei), and contributed to grant writing efforts and consortium for MR Linac and the MetaScan project, as well as a new project to allow brain atlasing of the subcortex with a new coil design in combination with motion-tracking and correction hardware.